Tom Tripp

Mineral extractions perspectives on issues related to the Great Salt Lake

A brief overview of current and historic mineral extraction activity on the Great Salt Lake. A discussion of the issues and obstacles involving the Great Salt Lake that are important to the mineral extractions. Industry tends to be adaptable, but need some certainty pertaining to operating conditions, obstacles and options. Such issues include lake level, salinity, mineral leasing agreements, water rights, etc.

Tom Tripp received a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Utah in 1977. He has 30+ years of industrial experience the manufacture of magnesium. Previous to working in magnesium, he was employed the manufacture of primary copper, nickel, and cobalt.Tom is currently employed by US Magnesium as the Director of Technical Services and Development. In his current position, he is responsible for the management of process engineering, quality assurance, purchasing, shipping, directing corporate health, safety and environmental issues as well as production of magnesium raw materials via large industrial solar evaporation. He has been heavily involved with Great Salt Lake issues since the flood years of the early 1980’s. He cooperated and participated in the UDWR’s Great Salt Lake Waterbird Survey of 1998-2005.

He is the past chairman of the International Magnesium Association’s North American Health, Safety and Environment Committee. He serves as an official correspondent of The Chlorine Institute (chlorine trade organization) and has membership in various local profession, trade and environmental committees. He is a lead author in the Industrial Products and Process Use of the United Nation’s International Project Climatic Change (IPCC) Expert Group Meeting related global warming issues. He has authored/presented more than 20 technical papers.

Tom also serves on the Executive Board of the Utah Geologic Survey representing metal interest, is on the State’s Great Salt Lake Technical Team and sits on the advisory council of the Utah Division of Fire, Forestry and State Lands.

Tom is married and has four children. He lives in Grantsville.

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