Dal Wayment

Everything flows downstream: Wastewater treatment and Great Salt Lake

Wastewater generated by the majority of the population of Utah ultimately reaches the Great Salt Lake. The treatment of this wastewater has always been a significant public health and environmental concern. As the population grows the potential increases for human activities to impose greater stress on the Great Salt Lake. This poses scientific, technical, and economic challenges for the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs) serving the community. This presentation will discuss these challenges, the research that is being done to assess impacts of POTWs on the Great Salt Lake and its watershed, and emerging constituents of concern.

Mr. Wayment has a master’s degree in civil engineering with an emphasis in water and wastewater engineering and is a licensed professional engineer. He has 32 years of experience in water and wastewater engineering. This experience includes three years as an employee in a city public works and engineering department dealing primarily with wastewater treatment plant operations and design projects, 29 years as an engineering consultant, and 27 years as the general manager of a wastewater utility.
Mr. Wayment is a Grade IV certified operator for both wastewater treatment plants and collection systems.

Photograph by Keith Vaught

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