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The Great Salt Lake Yacht Club history, activities and investment in the Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake Yacht Club

The Great Salt Lake Yacht Club’s origin predates Utah’s Statehood. Organized in 1877, the club has operated from the Marina at the south end of the Lake, with its primary purpose to promote, develop and preserve recreational sailing and enjoyment of the Great Salt Lake. The GSLYC’s activities, membership and existence are inextricably tied to the health and well-being of the Great Salt Lake.

Sailing on the Lake is a unique experience presenting opportunities and challenges that test any sailor’s skills. The shallow lake creates ever changing navigation conditions and determines the extent of sailing activities on the lake. Whether racing or cruising, Great Salt Lake sailors depend on adequate, clean and safe waters to enjoy this most unusual and unique sailing opportunity.

For the past 25 years I have sailed in the intermountain area, Florida Gulf Coast and the Caribbean. My wife and I began sailing a 17 foot Venture on Deer Creek Reservoir with occasional visits to the Great Salt Lake. We moved up to a 26 foot trailerable boat and sailed Lake Powell, Flaming Gorge, and the GSL, with occasional bareboat trips to the Caribbean. Eventually, we decided the best sailing in the area is on the Great Salt Lake and we joined the Yacht ClubNow, we have a Catalina 30 in the GSL Marina and an Island Packet 35 in Southern Florida. I have served on the Board of the Great Salt Lake Yacht Club for over 4 years and lead the Club as Commodore in 2009 and 2010. I am currently Rear Commodore. As GSL water levels dropped over the past 7-8 years, and news of industrial expansion and other threats to the Lake emerged, I proposed to the Yacht Club Board that we should get engaged in opposition to these threats. The Board agreed and we have the support of our Membership behind us.

I continue to represent the Club in these issues and participate with FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake and the Coalition to Keep the Lake Great in matters concerning the Lake and its environment.

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