March 08, 2021

Box Elder County cancels contract with landfill near shores of Great Salt Lake

 By Leia Larsen

March 5, 2021, 6:00 a.m.

Quickly and without discussion, the Box Elder County Commission voted Wednesday to rescind a contract that would have sent the county’s trash to Promontory Point in case of an emergency.

It was the only waste contract the controversial Promontory landfill, currently owned by ALLOS Environmental, has secured in its 20-year history. Box Elder commissioners approved the arrangement in January 2020 without properly noticing the item on a public meeting agenda. The idea was to send county garbage to Promontory if the county-owned landfill somehow became inoperable.

“It was a contract that was entered into, unknowingly, in violation of procurement,” a representative from the county attorney’s office told commissioners at their weekly meeting. “Nothing was done on the contract while it was in existence.”

The three Box Elder County commissioners did not respond to multiple requests for comment. It is not clear why they were concerned about an emergency at the county landfill or whether they will seek to reinstate their waste agreement with ALLOS through the proper public notice process.

The contract prompted FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake in March 2020 to file a complaint and petition for review with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, which regulates landfills in the state.

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