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Project SLICE Curriculum

students-lake4.jpg Our Salt Lake Initiative for Conservation Education - or Project SLICE is place-based education at its BEST! Who we are and want to be, both individually and as community, is defined by where we are--in the landscape that surrounds and supports us. SLICE teaches students about their own back yard through the conduit of the Greater Salt Lake Ecosystem. It provides endless opportunities for lifelong learning, civic pride and stewardship of the earth.

Project SLICE, is designed to assist teachers with matching the wealth of scientific, cultural and economic attributes of Great Salt Lake to their own standards-based instructional needs. The curriculum is available for download, below.


SLICE 4th Grade Curriculum

  1. Overview and Orientation to Great Salt Lake
  2. Properties of Water
  3. Sheds & Cycles: Great Salt Lake, Past & Present
  4. GSLE: Where Forests, Deserts & Wetlands Meet
  5. Wetlands Work
  6. Classified Information: GSL Plants & Animals (under development)
  7. Everything Fits: Plant and Animal Adaptations (under development)
  8. A Web of Interrelationships (under development)
  9. Cycles and Soils of the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem (under development)
  10. Lakeside Learning: Field Trips To Great Salt Lake
  11. Supplemental Activities for the Classroom
  12. Supplemental Field Activities
1 SLICE Introduction
2 SLICE Unit 1: Overview & Orientation
3 SLICE Unit 2: Properties of Water
4 SLICE Unit 3: Sheds & Cycles
5 SLICE Unit 4: Greater GSL Ecosystem
6 SLICE Unit 5: Wetlands Work
7 SLICE Unit 10: Lakeside Learning
8 SLICE Unit 11: Supplemental Activities
9 SLICE Picture Cards

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