Lakeside Learning Field Trips

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The Lakeside Learning program is an educational field trip for 4th grade students. Our field trip season runs April 15 through 15 October. Other dates may be available upon request. Trips are approximately 2.5 hours long and take place at Antelope Island State Park. Trip size is limited to 75 students.

Our typical field trip program starts off with a visit to the playa, where we talk about wetlands, adaptations, the water cycle, and the unique features of Great Salt Lake. Next, students learn how to use binoculars and we travel over the causeway for birding activities. Our trips conclude with a visit to the beach at Ladyfinger Point where students learn about oolitic sand and wade in the lake for a hands-on experience with brine shrimp and brine flies.

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The George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation 

Jennifer & Loren Majersik

Greg L. Gochnour

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Lakeside Learning FEES AND Transportation Grant Policies

We are pleased to offer financial assistance to public schools by offering FREE field trips PLUS bus transportation grants. For private schools and homeschool groups, we charge a small instructional fee and are unable to offer transportation grants at this time.

Field trip fees and transportation grants are as follows:

Group Type

Antelope Island Park Admission Fees

FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake Instructional Fee

Transportation Grant Given to School by FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake

Public School and

Public Charter School

paid by FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake



$150 per field trip


(field trips with less than 40 students do not qualify for a transportation award)


Private School or Homeschool


paid by FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake

$50 for groups of 30 students or less
$100 for groups of 31-75 students


none offered



**Notes regarding transportation grants: The transportation grant will be paid out after the Lakeside Learning field trip takes place; the visiting school group is responsible for making all transportation arrangements.

How to Apply for a Lakeside Learning Field Trip

We are currently accepting applications for Spring 2015.

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