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Thanks to our FRIENDS for helping preserve and protect Great Salt Lake


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Memberships and Donations Received Between October 31, 2019 - April 15, 2020

Robert Adler and Michelle Straube

Kent Alderman & Karen McCreary

Jamie Ammann

Debbie Amundsen

Diane Anderson in Memory of Marilyn Corah Isgreen

Kathleen Anderson

Steve Anderson

Joseph and Barbara Andrade

Lisa Arnette

Genevieve Atwood

Gregg Auwaerter

James Bach

Joel Ban

Christine Barker

Margaret Batson

Ryan Beam

Geoffrey and Diane Bedell

Thom and Allison Benedict

Tom & Lydia Berggren

Kate Bermingham

Beth Blattenberger

Gail Blattenberger

Linda Bonar & John Stratton

Britta Bourdaghs

Robert Brister

Janice Brittain

Yaeko Bryner

Richard Bullough and Kirsten Whetstone

Gregory Butler and Winston Dines

Jim Carter and Jane Harrison

Barbara Corah Carr in Memory of Marilyn Corah Isgreen

Yvonne Carver in Memory of Marilyn Corah Isgreen

Virginia Catherall

Carleen and Ed Clark

Jeff and Bonnie Clay

Richard Clegg

Paula Conklin

Glenda Cotter

Valerie Davis

Joan Degiorgio

Craig and Margaret Denton

Carleton De Tar & Laurel Casjens

Trudy De Goede

Chris and Dave Dewey

Tom Diegel & Ashley Patterson

Justin and Jean Dolling

David and Lisa Edwards

Julie Edwards

David Elliott

Kristen Ellis

Tom Eisenhart

Joy Emory and Patrick Watson

Steve Erickson

Betty & Keith Evans

Jared Farmer

Ann Floor

Will Floor & Janet Owens

Alan and Jacqueline Fogel

Naomi Franklin

Janice Gardner

Lydia Garvey

Sarah George and Rick Ford

Becky Jo Gesteland

Dennis Glass and Sue Corth

Jock Glidden

Dick Gilbert

Natalie Gochnour

Peter and Inge-Lise Goss

John and Mary Lou Gottschall

Sylvia & William Gray

Jordan Grotepas

MaryAnne Hafen

Octavia Haines

Kelly Hannah and Andrea Brickey

Rob Hartman

Sharen Hauri and Trevor Ortman

Donna Hawxhurst

Mary Cheryl Heying

Joseph Hicks

R. Jefre Hicks

Robert and Rosemary Huebner

Beth Jackson-Jordan

Chris Jackson-Jordan

Jim and Mary Ann Jacobs

Robert Jellison and Irene Yamashita

Michael & Jill Jeppesen

Rhett & Willow Jeppson

Paul Jewell

Keith and Joan Johnson

Luli Josephson

Ellen & John Kammerdiener

Linda Ketelaar

John & Donna Kimball

Kim and Patty Kimball

Karin Kirchoff

Beth Krensky

Mark Lamon

Kathryn Lenton

Mimi Levitt

Carol Lindsay

Dave and Rebecca Livermore

Hikmet Loe

Susan Loffler

Julia Reid and Jim Lunbeck

Donald and Linda Malouf

Dave Marquart

Susan and Spencer Martin

Wayne Martinson and Deb Sawyer

Terry Massoth and Lyle Wilson

Joyce Maughan

Maureen Maus

Margie McCloy and Rick Whitson

Jeff McCreary

Jeanne McRight

Sanford Meek & Lynn Koshland

George and Nancy Melling

Diane Menuz

Miranda Menzies

Richard Middleton

C W Miller

Luke Miller

Joe & Sheri Morzinski

Richard Mueller & Susan Durham

Dorothy Mullins

Leland Myers

Mary Navas

Sally & Bob Neill

Riley and Kaye Nelson

Brian & Allison Nicholson

David Nimkin

Edith & Dick O’Brien

Ann and John O'Connell

Bim Oliver in Memory of Sally Newbury

Fred and Linda Oswald

Rachel Otto and Craig Scholnick

Don and Kayleen Paul

Maunsel and Ann Pearce

James Pearson

Kevin & Elise Perry

Joan Peterson

Bruce Plenk

David and Shari Quinney

James and Karla Rafferty

John Ray

Erica Reifenberg

Fred Reimherr

Laurie Rich & Leonard Coulson

Kandy Richards

Cricket & Tom Rollins

Linda Roth

Mercedes Schabdach in Memory of Marilyn Corah Isgreen

Jack Schmidt

Brenda & Lee Schussman

Micheline Sedlar and John Lesnan

Chip and Mandy Self

Cid Seidelman

Jake and Rosie Serago

Joel and Alice Sherry

Marcelle Shoop

Catherine Smith

Clark Smith

Homer and Patricia Smith

Jan Harris Smith

Judith and Charles Smith

Lindsey Oswald Smith and Ben Smith

Ray Smith and Jeanne Le Ber

Ella Sorensen

Leo Sotiriou

Jennifer Speers

Dave Stanley & Nan McEntire

Lauraine Stephen

Jan Striefel and Craig Hinckley

Larry Swanson

Michael & Kris Swenson

Jeff Taylor

Bill Trevithick

Edith Trimmer

Kathy & David Van Dame

Janice Vander Molen

Wally Vlasic

Michael & Galen Weiser

Carol and Ronald Werner

Richard West

Gayle Weyher in Memory of Marilyn Corah Isgreen

Andrew and Leslie White

Janet Williams & David Tompkins

Steve and Vicki Williams

Robert and Elizabeth Wilson

Jeff Wolfe and Azure Webster

Jim Woolf and Sharon Emerson

Cheryl Wyrick

Edward & Marelynn Zipser


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Why We Care

  • We live along the Great Salt Lake, one of the most extraordinary natural features in North America. I do not believe we, as a community, have honored its rarity. Our lack of intimacy toward this inland sea is not out of neglect, but of ignorance. We do not know the nature of this vast body of water that sparkles and sings. If we did, the shores of the Great Salt Lake would look different.

    Terry Tempest Williams, FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake Advisory Board