Cory Angeroth


USGS Utah Water Science Center


Cory Angeroth is a Hydrologist and Director of the USGS Utah Water Science Center and its 50+ employees. He has been involved in research on Great Salt Lake since his arrival in Utah in 2005. In his nearly 30-year career with USGS Cory has participated and lead many research and data collection projects in Arizona and Utah and has authored and co-authored reports on surface water flow, ground water flow, water quality, and lakes and reservoirs. Cory received his degree in Hydrology and Water Resources from the College of Engineering at the University of Arizona. His passion for large bodies of water comes from a childhood spent on the shore of Storm Lake, IA and a 2-year tour of the world’s oceans, courtesy of the United States Navy.




Why We Care

  • To travelers so long shut among the mountain ranges a sudden view over the expanse of silent waters had in it something sublime. Several large islands raised their rocky heads out of the waves. . . . Then, a storm burst down with sudden fury upon the lake, and entirely hid the islands from our view.

    John C. Fremont, Report of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, 1845