Andrew Rupke

Industrial Minerals Geologist 

Utah Geological Survey


Andrew Rupke joined the Utah Geological Survey as an industrial minerals geologist in 2010. Prior to that, he worked as a geologist in the mining industry for over 6 years. His work and research at the UGS focuses on Utah’s diverse industrial mineral resources including potash, phosphate, high-calcium limestone, and others. He manages the survey’s Great Salt Lake brine sampling program and conducts research on the north arm’s salt crust. He received his B.S. in geology from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI, and his M.S. in geology from the University of Utah. He is a registered Professional Geologist in Utah.




Why We Care

  • The Great Salt Lake evokes wonder and mystery alone, it's vastness and solitude a splendor to behold. The Spiral Jetty, by assuming the spiral shape referenced time and again by cultures and physicists, is a vehicle for contemplation, journeying, perfection. Robert Smithson chose the Great Salt Lake as a setting for his artwork thoughtfully. He knew the combination would be magical.

    Susan Kirby, Alfred Lambourne Prize Participant