Jeff Bryant

Executive Director

Walker Basin Conservancy 


Jeff Bryant is the Executive Director of the Walker Basin Conservancy, a non-profit organization located in western Nevada. The Walker Basin Conservancy is leading the effort to restore and maintain Walker Lake while protecting agricultural, environmental and recreational interests in the Walker River Basin. In 2017, the Conservancy accepted the lead role in implementing the Walker Basin Restoration Program, previously administered by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The Program was established by Public Law 111-85 (2009). Under Jeff’s leadership, the Conservancy has conveyed over 12,000 acres of land to the State of Nevada, opening over 30 miles of East Walker River corridor for the public to enjoy, and, after years of litigation, delivered water acquired for the restoration of Walker Lake into lake for the first time in July 2019. 

Before the Conservancy, Jeff spent his career working with various conservation and sustainable agriculture organizations throughout the Great Basin, Mojave Desert and Sierra Nevada Mountains. His role at the Walker Basin Conservancy allows him to focus his passion for conservation and agriculture to a single cause.





Why We Care

  • I am alone in this place. I can see for miles in every direction and I am utterly alone. The beauty seeps into my soul in the stillness and I am cured of ailments I don't even realize I have.

    Douglas Havens, Alfred Lambourne Prize Participant