Bill Johnson

Professor, Geology & Geophysics Department

University of Utah


William Johnson is a Professor in the Geology & Geophysics Department and an Adjunct Professor in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Utah. His research group research examines fate and transport in water of contaminants ranging from particles and pathogens to trace elements such as mercury as well as organic compounds. Their work and spans field to laboratory settings and experimental to advanced computing numerical simulations. Research contexts include developing theory for predicting nano- and micro-particle transport in porous media, selenium and mercury cycling in Great Salt Lake, impacts from tar sand mining/processing in eastern Utah, and gold mining processing impacts to rivers in southern Ecuador. Dr. Johnson strives to sustain an interactive synergistic learning community of undergraduates through PhD candidates.




Why We Care

  • While photographing at The Great Salt Lake, I learned that it is a vastly different experience than other bodies of water. It is other-worldy, eerie, and beautiful at the same time. It is calming, peaceful, and a very inspirational place to be. Some may call the experience spiritual. Others may call it freeing. I call it magical.

    My favorite quote is by Loren Eisley; “If there is magic in this world, it is contained in water.” I absolutely believe that The Great Salt Lake is a place of magic, and that is what I strive to showcase.

    -- Tylyn Cullison, Alfred Lambourne Prize Participant