Alane Boyd

Executive Director

Intermountain Section AWWA


Alane Boyd, Intermountain Section American Water Works Association Executive Director, has over thirty years of environmental engineering experience in Water and Natural Resources. She has substantial background in conjunctive management of surface and ground water and water resources planning, along with major design experience for water and wastewater system facilities including wells, pump stations, transmission lines, storage reservoirs, and distribution systems. She currently serves as the Executive Director for the Intermountain Section American Water Works Association. As such she is in-charge of education and training programs, fund raising, membership development, conferences and workshops, and community outreach programs for professionals in the water industry.  

Title: Water Loss Control and the AWWA Water Audit: Providing Accountability in Your Operations

Abstract: Water loss control represents the efforts of water providers to ensure accountability in their operation by reliably auditing their water supplies and implementing controls to minimize system losses. Water providers incur real losses from pipeline leakage and apparent losses when customer water consumption is not properly measured or billed. The AWWA Water Audit Method provides the best management practice tools and guidance water providers need to efficiently manage their supplies. This presentation will go over the basics of the water audit methodology and what it can do for water providers.   


Why We Care

  • Much has been made of the tragic loss of rain forests in our hemisphere... But, in fact, because of their productivity of plant and animal matter rich in fats and proteins, freshwater marshes are the most productive ecosystems on Earth.

    Charles Potter, former Executive Director, North American Wildlife Foundation