Jeff McCreary

Director of Conservation Programs

Ducks Unlimited


Jeff McCreary is the Director of Conservation Programs for Ducks Unlimited’s Western Region. His career spans over two decades of wetlands conservation across the West including six years as the Ducks Unlimited biologist for Utah. Jeff is member of a team of Ducks Unlimited biologists and engineers implementing on-the-ground wetland conservation activities in the nine western most states. Jeff received a bachelor’s in wildlife biology from the University of California at Davis and a master’s in wetland ecology from Duke University. 

Title: A Wetland Needs Water

Abstract: The wetland ecological integrity of Great Salt Lake is in trouble from multiple threats. It needs conservation from a coordinated partnership for it to support and sustain its multiple values to wildlife and people. Threats to water supply, water quality, habitat conservation, and its regulatory oversight each necessitate targeted investment. The lake and its wetlands need water, but changing precipitation patterns exacerbated by direct withdrawals from and overallocation of surface water are tourniquets on its freshwater inputs. After a hiatus, Ducks Unlimited returns with a focus on collaborative habitat conservation and public policy actions that will secure sustainable Great Salt Lake ecosystems and water supplies.


Why We Care

  • Great Salt Lake is a unique place in the Western Hemisphere because large concentrations of birds visit there… The disappearance of Great Salt Lake wetlands could mean the disappearance of whole species of birds.

    Gonzalo Castro, Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network