Living with Great Salt Lake

One of the ways in which we can all work together to build awareness about the importance of Great Salt Lake is by sharing personal experiences we've had with the Lake. Perhaps you've camped out recently on Antelope Island and have written a story about it. Or while gazing at one of the Lake's fabulous sunsets, you were inspired to write a poem, or a song, or sketched something to remember the experience. If so, then we would like to share these on our website under our new feature "Living with Great Salt Lake."

The goal of this web page is to help nurture relationships between people and the Lake. This helps increase awareness about Great Salt Lake and the many opportunities we have to get up close and personal with it. Ideally, this in turn, will help us better understand why we should all work to protect it.

Changes Rippling Rare Waters by Mark A. Doherty

 A unique form of vision is requisite when we attempt to truly understand Utah’s Great Salt Lake.  Where some see vast, empty expanses of lifeless water, others view a broad, painted landscape of reflections, as well as a hemispherical vital migratory ecosystem.   Some turn away from a stench in the…

Place Attachment Among Neighbors of Great Salt Lake and Its Environs by Carla Koons Trentelman

Report on Research Funded by the Doyle Stephens Memorial Scholarship for 2005 Carla Koons Trentelman, Doctoral Student in Sociology, Utah State University For my research, funded by the Doyle Stephens Memorial Scholarship, I conducted two focus groups to explore how residents who live close to Great Salt Lake (GSL) in…

Kayaking to Fremont Island by Jock Glidden

Two retired Weber State professors recently kayaked a Great Salt Lake crossing to Fremont Island one calm, sunny July day. For years I have gazed across the sound at this Island, resolving someday to paddle to it and back. To make it an adventure, I would do it in my…

A Ride Around Great Salt Lake by Chad Harris

It began the way I believe many bicycle tours do, or at least should. I was aimlessly studying a map of the state when I saw a dirt road that connected to a gravel road, which led to the railroad tracks, which could be followed to this road, which winds…

Domes, Rings, Ridges, and Polygons: Characteristics of Microbialites from Utah’s Great Salt Lake by Michael Vandenberg

By Michael D. Vanden Berg, Utah Geological Survey The Sedimentary Record, Vol. 17, No. 1, March 2019   INTRODUCTION Two recent events have put Great Salt Lake (GSL) in northern Utah at the forefront of microbialite research. First, massive oil accumulations were discovered in the mid-2000s in offshore South Atlantic…

Why We Care

  • I am alone in this place. I can see for miles in every direction and I am utterly alone. The beauty seeps into my soul in the stillness and I am cured of ailments I don't even realize I have.

    Douglas Havens, Alfred Lambourne Prize Participant