June 22, 2020

Utah Inland Port Authority Comments Due Today (June 22)

The Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) holds a public meeting today via Zoom with the intent to adopt its recently released "strategic business plan." This deeply flawed document openly acknowledges that the proposed giant warehouse and freight transfer facility will damage our air, water, wildlife habitat, and communities, but only offers shallow, inadequate remedies.

Today is the final day to submit public comments. There will also be a public comment period during today's meeting. Ironically, it is scheduled AFTER they vote on adoption of the plan—this gives an indication of how, despite lip service to engaging with the public, the UIPA has consistently ignored the public input offered. Despite this, it is very important that people submit comments either in writing and/or during the public comment period today, as these comments will be entered into the public record and will help attorneys build a case should litigation be initiated.  

Please take a few minutes to submit a comment on the business plan. Tell the Port Authority you oppose the proposed port and share your concerns, or discuss other problems you are concerned about.

Submit Your Comment Here (You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page to get to the form.) Please do today.

It can be as simple as the following sample: (feel free to personalize)

“I oppose development of the Utah Inland Port, and while the draft strategic business plan acknowledges the environmental harm that will be caused by the proposed port, it offers nothing concrete to address these concerns. It will negatively impact our air quality, critical migratory bird habitat and neighboring communities, while benefiting just a few private developers with public subsidies. It must not be developed.”

Please submit your comments today. Comments are due June 22. Register to attend today's Zoom meeting that starts at 4 pm. We encourage you to also consider speaking at this meeting during the public comment period. 

Together we can create a healthy sustainable future for Utah.