February 18, 2020

Support Great Salt Lake Coordinator Position

February 17, 2020

Dear Senators and Representatives

We, the undersigned organizations, support the Request for Appropriation of $110,000 in ongoing funds from the Sovereign Lands Account for a Great Salt Lake Coordinator within the Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands (the Division).

The Great Salt Lake is an iconic symbol of our state, an economic driver, and a unique and complex ecosystem of regional, national and hemispheric importance. In 2014, the State Legislature recognized the “economic, recreational and natural significance of the Great Salt Lake (H.C.R. 20 – Joint Resolution Recognizing the Importance of Great Salt Lake). The pressures on the Lake are continually intensifying with long-term downward trend in lake levels, changes in climate and the State’s increasing population. Today, the historically low water levels are presenting a challenge to wildlife, salinity, brine shrimp, air quality, economic, and ecological conditions.

The Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands has the authority and jurisdictional responsibility to manage the bed of Great Salt Lake and its mineral resources in perpetuity as a public trust resource for the people of Utah. The ever-changing demands and increasing threats to Great Salt Lake only heighten the importance of ensuring the Division has adequate staff capacity to responsibly manage the Lake. A $110,000 ongoing request for a GSL Coordinator will enhance the Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands to make adept and long-term management decisions regarding the health of the Lake, as well as seek partners and other resources to better manage the Lake for the public trust. The development and oversight of the GSL Coordinator position will be managed cooperatively with the Great Salt Lake Advisory Council.

Thank you for your consideration.


Bridgerland Audubon Society

Central Davis Sewer District

Compass Minerals 

FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake

Gillmor Sanctuary, National Audubon Society

Great Salt Lake Audubon

Great Salt Lake Institute at Westminster College

League of Women Voters of Utah

Saline Lakes Program, National Audubon Society

Utah Airboat Association

Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club

Utah State University researcher

Utah Waterfowl Association

Wasatch Front Water Quality Council

Wasatch Wigeons Association


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