November 05, 2019

GSL Audubon's Fall Forum: Irreplaceable Ecosystems in the West

Poster Irreplaceable Landscapes

Please join Great Salt Lake Audubon for their annual Fall Forum. This year they will present "Irreplaceable Ecosystems in the West", an informative and entertaining evening with several National Audubon experts!  

What: Irreplaceable Ecosystems in the West
Thursday, November 7th 2019, 6:00pm – 8:30pm
Where:  Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business Auditorium at Westminster College (map - scroll down to view campus map)

National Audubon's Saline Lakes Program envisions a network of healthy saline lakes and their associated wetlands with reliable water supplies to meet the needs of birds and people across the Intermountain West. Saline lakes are critical habitat that millions of birds depend on for breeding, resting and feeding during migration. Our experts will address the central role of water in determining habitat conditions for shorebirds, waterbirds, and waterfowl locally at Great Salt Lake and regionally across the Great Basin. We will also learn about macroinvertebrate studies at Gillmor Sanctuary designed to inform their management decisions on how to provide the best foraging habitat for shorebirds.  We hope to educate and impact you with the beauty of our saline lakes.

Presenters will include

  • Max Malmquist, Saline Lakes Outreach Associate
  • Brian Tavernia, Saline Lakes Ecologist
  • Marcelle Shoop, Saline Lakes Program Director
  • Ella Sorensen, Gillmor Sanctuary Manager
  • Heidi Hoven, Gillmor Sanctuary Assistant Manager

Light refreshments at 6:00pm, presentations begin at 7:00pm.

Please note that 1300 East between 1700 So and 2100 So is still closed due to construction. You can enter campus by traveling east along 1700 So and then turning south into campus by taking 1200 East. There are two parking lots located on this street

This event is co hosted by Great Salt Lake Audubon and Westminster College’s Great Salt Lake Institute.