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Great Salt Lake Causeway Breach

07 December 2016
The new Great Salt Lake breach was opened on Dec. 1 by the Union Pacific Railroad Company. This created a new opening between the north and the south arm of the Lake, allowing water to flow between the two sides. We are still getting lots of pictures and videos of…

Terry Tempest Williams and the Refuge of Change

16 November 2016
FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake Advisory Board Member, Terry Tempest Williams, revisits Great Salt Lake. It is hot. Alisha Anderson and I have just passed the Golden Spike National Historic Site on our way to the Spiral Jetty. Alisha is a former student of mine from the Environmental Humanities Graduate Program…

Conflicting Interests Target Declining Great Salt Lake

07 November 2016
SALT LAKE CITY (CN) - A steady drop in the Western Hemisphere's largest saltwater lake, drained by decades of water consumption, is affecting millions of migratory birds, and could bring major consequences for Utah tourism, industry and residents.     The Great Salt Lake, a remnant of the Glacial Age's Lake Bonneville, has…

2016 Alfred Lambourne Prize Winners and Photos

14 October 2016
2016 3rd Annual Alfred Lambourne Prize Winners Click here to view photos from the event   Visual Arts Winner: Virginia Cattherall        Literary Arts Winner, Maurine Haltiner               Sound Winner, Jules Jimreivat & Syd Sattler     Movement Winner, Sarah Whiting &…

2016 Fall Fundraiser

11 October 2016
Join us on Thursday, October 27th at The Garden Place at This is The Place Heritage Park from 6:00 to 9:00 PM Get your tickets today!

Impact of Low Water on GSL Ecosystems and Economy

08 September 2016
Low water on the Great Salt Lake is raising concern. The worries are economic and ecological as the water dips close to the lowest level it’s ever been. Companies that mine minerals and salt from the Great Salt Lake have spent millions of dollars so far to adapt to the…

Why We Care

  • The Great Salt Lake has a unique character and, when one becomes acquainted with her, a well-developed personality. She moves and has moods, she sleeps and she wakes. Like any new friend, one can become attached quickly, but will need an entire lifetime to come to know her intimately.

    Rob Kent de Grey, Alfred Lambourne Prize Participant