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International Coastal Cleanup Success

06 October 2017
FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake participated in Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup on Saturday, September 16. Thanks to a sponsorship from Autoliv and a dumpster donation from Budget Dumpster, FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake was able to remove 1,854 lbs. of trash and debris from the sensitive ecosystem around Lee…

Promontory Point Landfill Class V Permit Requested

19 September 2017
Click the following link to the RDCC website for comments that were submitted on the proposed Class V permit request by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands, and the Utah Geological Survey office in the Department of Natural Resources for the latest on…

US Magnesium & Air Quality Public Meeting Wednesday

12 September 2017
Join HEAL, FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake, and researchers at the University of Utah for a discussion about the environmental impacts of US Magnesium -- in particular focusing on the threats to air quality in Northern Utah. The community event will be held Wednesday, September 13 from 6:30-8:30 at the…

Will Utah Dam the Bear River?

06 September 2017
The Wasatch Front faces drier times and a growing population, threatening Great Salt Lake. by Emily Benson of High Country News Amid the wave of dams coming down across the nation, several places are bucking the trend. New dams have been proposed in California, Colorado, Utah and other Western states.…

Final Environmental Impact Statement for the West Davis Cooridor

05 September 2017
Attached you will find comments on the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the West Davis Corridor. Comments on West Davis Highway FEIS 08312017.pdf  

Utah's Water Plan Still Has Miles To Go

14 August 2017
Conservation, not big diversion projects, is what the state needs. by Lynn de Freitas, FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake by Amelia Nuding, Wester Resource Advocates  On July 19, Utah’s 50-year State Water Strategy was released by the State Water Strategy Advisory Team. In an arid state where water is paramount…

Why We Care

  • Much has been made of the tragic loss of rain forests in our hemisphere... But, in fact, because of their productivity of plant and animal matter rich in fats and proteins, freshwater marshes are the most productive ecosystems on Earth.

    Charles Potter, former Executive Director, North American Wildlife Foundation