2016 Great Salt Lake Issues Forum Update

16 February 2016 Published in News & Events

The 2016 Great Salt Lake Issues Forum will be held on May 11th -13th and we are working on finalizing the details for this Great Salt Lake celebration.

The purpose of the forum is to convene a conversation about the complexities of the science, current issues affecting the Lake, and management and planning challenges that face these unique saline systems. The forum also includes presenters from other systems regionally and hemispherically so shared insights can be achieved between the GSL “ home team” and those outside resources.

We are excited to announce that opening remarks will be delivered by Governor Gary Herbet!

Other program highlights include:

Wednesday, May 11th -Dr. Stan Awarmik, University of California, will talk about the Archean Biosphere and Evolution of Modern Microbialites (working title). This will focus our Wednesday discussion on The Next Frontiers in Great Salt Lake Research and the work that’s being done on GSL microbial bioherms and the important benthic/invertebrate communities and their role in the food web and their importance to the ecology of Great Salt Lake.

Thursday, May 12th - Doug Barnum, USGS Salton Sea will talk about his work on this system, and share insights about possible tipping points from water development that affects salinity, brine shrimp and migratory bird populations.

Friday, May 13th - Phill Kiddoo, Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District will talk about his work on the restoration of the Owens Lake system and addressing air quality issues that resulted from the desiccation of that system.

Please continue to check our website for schedule updates and registration information coming soon!



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Why We Care

  • Years ago the Great Salt Lake was a entertainment destination for the people of Salt Lake City. One of my ancestors had a vacation home near Black Rock, where he would take his family to escape the heat and cares of the city. That was a long time ago and a lot has changed since then. For many reasons the lake is not as popular as it once was. But it has been a source of peace, contemplation, and inspiration to me. I reflect on photos I have seen of the grand days of Saltair and the love of floating in the lake. I have done this myself on numerous occasions. I love the sensation of effortlessly floating. And we can escape the cares of the world.

    Clinton Whiting, Alfred Lambourne Prize Participant