2nd Annual Alfred Lambourne Prize Awarded to Max Rosenzweig

22 September 2015 Published in News & Events

On September 18th, 2015 FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake awarded the 2nd Annual Alfred Lambourne Prize to Max Rosenzweig for his work entitled, Ephemeral Nonsites of the Great Salt Lake and Lake Bonneville

Max describes his piece as:

"This series of images incorporates integrated diagrammatic and cartographic representations of space with counterpointing, two-dimensional, photographical perspectives. These artistic works investigate the Great Salt Lake, a slivered apparition of water to the west, an ethereal, saline landscape. The lake is a fluctuating micro-climate of water, salt, mud, rocks, crystals and wildlife.
These emulsion lifts are created by submerging the film in water after the exposure. Water bleeds into the film and the emulsion separates itself from the chemical backing and protective plastic window of the film. The emulsion floats in the water separated entirely from its protective casings, waiting to be absorbed onto another surface."

His piece will be on display until October 15th at the George S. & Dolores Dore Eccles Art Gallery

ALP 2015 winner


Why We Care

  • "Great Salt Lake is a special place. There is nothing else like it. Do we really want to imagine a time when we have to say "I remember when there used to be a big salty lake out there?" Can we really be so disconnected from our landscape that we fail to act before it's too late? We must protect this resource, this place of life and reflection."

    Janessa Edwards, FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake Education and Outreach Director