What does a Win-Win-Win for improving air quality in Utah look like?

10 September 2015 Published in News & Events

In our continuing pursuit to improve Utah’s air quality, improve public participation in greater oversight of major air pollution sources, and protect public health and the environment, a settlement between the Utah Division of Air Quality (UDAQ) and Western Resource Advocates representing Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, and FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake was signed on September 9, 2015. The settlement will require a Title V permit for Tesoro oil refinery in N. Salt Lake. The Title V Clean Air Act permit will help reduce air pollution by Tesoro by creating more rigorous and protective permits, and involve the public in implementing the settlement with UDAQ.

- Lynn de Freitas, FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake Exective Director

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Why We Care

  • The Great Salt Lake has a unique character and, when one becomes acquainted with her, a well-developed personality. She moves and has moods, she sleeps and she wakes. Like any new friend, one can become attached quickly, but will need an entire lifetime to come to know her intimately.

    Rob Kent de Grey, Alfred Lambourne Prize Participant