Lakeside Learning Field Trips


Here's a taste of our Great Salt Lake State Park & Marina Lakeside Learning Field Trip!

Lakeside Learning Field Trips

Lakeside Learning is a 2.5 hour inquiry-based field trip program for fourth grade students. Students will experience Great Salt Lake and learn about its ecosystems through informal environmental education strategies, incorporating science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) to reinforce the Utah Common Core State Science Standards. Lakeside Learning emphasizes learning through participation.

FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake offers Lakeside Learning Field Trips in August, September, October, March, April, May, and June. The trip includes wetlands exploration, bird watching, and wading in Great Salt Lake (weather permitting). Your students will get their hands dirty and their feet wet!

Lakeside Learning Field Trips take place at two locations: Antelope Island State Park (open to all schools) and Great Salt Lake State Park and Marina (open only to the Tooele School District). Please see below for details and how to apply for field trips.

This program is only available to fourth grade students and teachers.

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Great Salt Lake State Park & Marina Lakeside Learning Field Trip (Tooele School District only)

cargill 1 logo png transparent  This field trip program is made possible thanks to the generous support of Cargill Salt. 

Trip size is limited to 75 students and is restricted to schools within the Tooele District ONLY.

IMG 8016On this field trip, we gather students to talk about Utah’s wetlands, the water cycle, and plant and animal adaptations. Students learn how to use binoculars and observe birds, plants, boats, and land formations that have shaped Great Salt Lake’s unique ecosystem. Down at the beach, students will construct their own watersheds, experiment with oolitic sand, and wade in the Lake searching for brine shrimp and brine flies for a salty, hands-on experience.

Fall field trips run from the last week of August through mid-October. Fall 2020 field trip applications will open in July 2020.

Spring 2020 field trip applications are now open for the Tooele School District! Field trips are available from March 30-June 5, 2020. Please complete the application below and submit it to Katie Newburn at

Great Salt Lake Marina Spring 2020 Field Trip Application



Antelope Island Lakeside Learning Field Trip (Open to all school districts)IMG 2799

Trip size is limited to 75 students. 

This field trip starts off with a visit to the playa, where we talk about wetlands, plant and animal adaptations, the water cycle, and the unique features of Great Salt Lake. Next, students learn how to use binoculars and travel over the causeway to observe and identify birds and wildlife. We conclude with a visit to the beach at Ladyfinger Point, where students learn about oolitic sand and wade in the Lake for a salty, hands-on experience with brine shrimp and brine flies.

Fall field trips run from the last week of August through mid-October. Fall 2020 field trip applications will open in July 2020.

Spring field trips run the first week of April through the first week of June. Spring 2020 field trip applications will open in January 2020. 

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Field Trip Costs and Transportation Reimbursement Policies

We are pleased to offer financial assistance to public schools by offering FREE field trips PLUS bus reimbursement grants. For private schools and homeschool groups, we charge a small instructional fee and are unable to offer transportation grants at this time.

Group Type

State Park Admission Fees

FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake Instructional Fee

Transportation Reimbursement Provided by FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake


Public School

 Public Charter School 


Paid by FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake



Up to $300 per field trip.

 (Field trips with less than 40 students do not qualify for a transportation award) 

Checks are sent at the end of our field trip season after we receive a copy of your school's bus invoice.

Visiting school is responsible for arranging transportation.


Private School



 Paid by FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake

$50 for groups of 30 students or less
$150 for groups of 31-75 students


None available



Thank You to Our Lakeside Learning Sponsors

Cargill Salt

The George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation 

The Sorenson Legacy Foundation

Union Pacific Railroad


Thank You to Our Education Supporters


Kathleen Anderson

Joyce and John Barnes

Greg Barrus

Stephen Bloch & Kara Pettit  

Karleen Broadwater

Lynn and Bradley Carroll

Edward and Carleen Clark

Jack Clark

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Susan Fleming

Jerry Ford

Greg L. Gochnour



Pam Gremillion

Joseph Hicks

Jim Hill

Connie Holbrook

Elliot & Susie Hulet

Frank Jarvis

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Benjamin Kim

Dr. John L. Kammerdiener & Dr. Ellen M. Leonard  

Jennifer & Loren Majersik

George and Nancy Melling

Margie Nash and Joe Donaldson



Kaye Nelson

Don and Kayleen Paul

Joan Peterson

David and Shari Quinney

Janet Robins

Heather Roth

Jennifer P. Speers 

Jean Francois S. Van Huele and Susan Chasson

William and Donna Vogel

Erica Wangsgard

Tom and Nikki Ward

Richard West



Why We Care

  • Great Salt Lake, the second most hypersaline Inland Sea in the world, has a fate of becoming even more salty with permanent loss of a large portion of its Bear River fresh water life supply.

    Precious fresh water diverted to support more of the same, the endless expansion of the human race, big box stores, and shopping centers duplicated around the country ruining any future adventure of small town exploration and road trips.

    Everything is becoming the same. Everyone is looking the same. Everyone does the same things. Great Salt Lake is unique and the planet is loosing it as its life blood is stolen from its soft salty shores, waves gently breaking further and further out, leaving vast arrays of dry barren mudflats waiting for phragmites to invade.

    Utah does not own Great Salt Lake. Great Salt Lake is owned by the world.

    Karri Smith, Alfred Lambourne Prize Participant