Doyle W. Stephens Scholarship Award

2020 Doyle W. Stephens Scholarship Awarded Thursday, May 7th

Every year since 2003, FRIENDS awards the Doyle W. Stephens Scholarship. This year, we are pleased to award two $1000 scholarships, one to a graduate student and one to an undergraduate student engaged in new or ongoing research that focuses on Great Salt Lake and/or the Lake ecosystem or watershed.

The scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Doyle W. Stephens (1944-2000) who was a research hydrologist for the U.S. Geological Survey. As a contributor to the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem Program that was initiated in 1996, Stephens' work on Great Salt Lake brine shrimp ecology helped increase understanding about population dynamics of the shrimp in the Lake and factors affecting the structure and density of the population.

Applications for the 2020 Doyle W. Stephens schoarships are open now and must be submitted by March 15, 2020. Click here to apply. The 2020 Doyle W. Stephens Award Ceremony will take place at the Great Salt Lake Issues Forum prior to the lunch break on Thursday, May 7th


This is Precious by Charles Uibel 130706 203929 1

Charles Uibel, This Is Precious


Why We Care

  • We live along the shores of something GREAT - Great Salt Lake.

    And whether we preceive it or not

    During its relatively short life as a remnant of ancient Lake Bonneville

    It has affected all of us.

    From the ancients who lived in the Great Salt lake wetlands

    To the growing populations of today and tomorrow

    The Lake affect continues to modify, influence and impress our lives.


    Lynn de Freitas, FRIENDS Executive Director