Batty About Bats!

Saturday, Jun 24, 2017 08:30 – 11:30
Utah, United States

Long associated with Halloween and vampires, the bat is feared by many people. Yet seen up close, these flying mammals are intelligent, shy creatures that benefit humans by eating lots of insects and are essential for healthy ecosystems.   Bat specialists with the Department of Wildlife Resources will share their knowledge of Utah’s bats, show us how to identify them and we may be lucky enough to catch a bat in the mist-net for a close up look at these amazing animals.

We will set up at 8:30.  You are welcome to come down and learn about the equipment used to catch bats while it is still light.  Based on experience, we typically do not see any bats caught until late night.  Program will run until 12 am.  However, you need to enter the park before 10 pm. Dress appropriate for evening temperatures; bring your own lawn chairs, flashlight and mosquito repellent.

Only authorized staff will be allowed to handle the bats.   Attendance is limited so pre- register for the event with Ranger Ellen Labotka,


Why We Care

  • We suggest that Great Salt Lake is a phenomenal asset to the state of Utah. Its mineral resources have been appreciated for almost 150 years. Brine shrimp are now appreciated because they are economically valuable. To only a very limited extent is the lake appreciated for tourism, for culture, for earth systems history and for education. 

    Scientific Review Committee, Comments to the Great Salt Lake Management Planning Team, 1999